Guide to Turkey

TWARP Turkey travel guide is written by locals since 1995. This concise yet inclusive online guide is constantly expanding. We invite travelers and bloggers from around the world to submit their travel stories and tips as well.

General Country Description - Geography, Language, Climate, Population ....

History of Turkey 10,000 years of history in snapshots

Blue Cruise Videos Short seaside clips of Mediterranean Turkish cities.

Turkey Travel Videos Videos from Istanbul and around Turkey

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Transport - Road, Rail, Sea transportation

Useful Info for Travelers - Detailed info, including pricing, food, net access, visa, phone calls, weather forecast for Istanbul, current exchange rates...

Would like to time travel into history, or take a Virtual Cruise ? Try Turkey, Travel at Warp Speeds!

Check tips and reviews at our Restaurant Guide.

Scenes and Stories around Turkey

National Parks, Wetlands & Camping

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Museums in Istanbul

Camping in Turkey

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