Medical Tourism In Turkey

Turkey is a growing health tourism destination with knowledgeable doctors offering medical services ranging from eye surgery to dental implants. There are also hot springs which serve to treat or cure many ailments, including Psoriasis.

Doctors and surgeons have PHD qualifications. They use the same high quality materials that are used in the Western Hemisphere in well equipped hospitals.

Turkey offers you cheaper cost of surgery and a chance to have a vacation together! Travel services for medical tours can be arranged from around the world including the US.

Eye surgery: You can get rid of your glasses and lenses in 10 minutes with new eye surgery technology, LASIK(Laser-Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis). LASIK is a refractive eye surgery operation for correcting the vision in order to reduce a person’s dependency on glasses or contact lenses. Turkey is well-equipped and cheap for laser treatments. The clinics in Turkey have accomplished numerous laser operations from all over the world is becoming a center of attraction for eye surgery. Even, you may hear lasik eye surgery stories from your friends who experienced successful surgery in Turkey.
Tube Baby(In Vitro Fertilisation): IVF is a technique in which egg cells are fertilised outside the woman's body. Couples unable to have children without assistance from a physician mostly choose this treatment to have a baby. Turkey is offering you world standard test tube baby operations with much lower prices.
Dentistry: General dentistry, implants and cosmetic dentistry are being performed successfully in high level clinics. Qualified dentists in Turkey are offering you perfect teeth with cosmetic options such as root canal, tooth whitening, composite fillings and implants.
Plastic Surgery: Many people, not just the rich and famous, undergo some type of cosmetic plastic surgery procedure. Even, you can get an idea of the results of their plastic surgery before undergoing surgery. Most popular procedures are BOTOX cosmetic, breast augmentation, eyelid surgery, facelift, liposuction, nose surgery.
Psoriasis Treatment: Psoriasis is a persistent and chronic skin disease which has a tendency to be genetically inherited. The doctor fish encourages people in treatment of psoriasis to visit the hot springs and spas to immerse themselves in its pools. Doctor fish surround the body and strike and lick it.
Thermal Springs: You’ll feel better with the help of the finest quality spas, pools, gourmet grills and all the accessories to complete water treatment systems. You can experience difference by thermal facilities in Turkey at public and private swimming pools, therapeutic pools, massage units, mud tanks, vapor baths, sauna and Turkish baths as well as diagnosis examinations at medical offices.
Beauty Center: Natural therapies such as anti-aging therapies, aroma therapy, osteopathy, ayurveda, shiatsu are just some the facilities of beauty clinics. In addition to natural therapies, these clinics offer beauty by botox and restylane injections, micro peeling, laser therapy for the wrinkles, capillaries, varicose. Furthermore, most beauty centers provide solarium, skin and hair care, diet and fitness programs.