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Dalyan Real Estate and Property Development

The town of Dalyan is situated near the river. The distance from the sea is 12 kilometers and 4 nautical miles from the canal. Its environment is surrounded by rich plants and agricultural fields. The population of the town is around 4000 in winter, but this number doubles in summer. Dalyan is 80 km away from Marmaris and 75 km away from Fethiye. It was established as a fishing village in the last century. On the wharf there's a mosque which belongs to the last century. Its name comes from crawls which were set up on the Dalyan river. We see small villages and farm houses and the life is quite simple and natural. However in recent years, two or three storied houses like Mugla type houses, accommodation facilities and shops have been built.

With its peculiar geographic and economic characteristics and with its plants and seafood, Dalyan is different from the region. Historical values contribute to deepen this difference. With its nature Dalyan is a paradise where nature and history embrace each other.

Dalyan Flats:

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